Our Products

All our products are completely natural and all handmade.



We offer a variety of handmade, 100% natural soaps! The colour and scent varies from bubblegum to vanilla to lavender - come visit us at the spa or at an event to see what we are offering! Also comes in Soap on a Rope, $5.

Shampoo Bar


Cleanse your hair with a beautiful, moisturizing, and waste-free shampoo bar! Completely handmade and crafted for the season and creative whims of Rachel :)

Bath Bombs


Relax in your tub with a bath bomb. Can be purchased in round or loose forms.

Comes in a variety of scents.

Reusable Cotton Pads

$1 each

Made from 100% cotton. 

Can be used to remove makeup, apply toner.

Comes in a variety of colours.



Moisturize your body with this holistic, hand-made lotion.

Comes in a 10 gram jar.

Lip Balm

Lip Gloss


Hydrate your beautiful lips with our all-natural lip gloss.

Beard Oil


Looking for a soft beard which is debris-free? This all-natural oil will replenish and keep your beard feeling smooth and lovely



Our homemade candles will be sure to set the mood for meditation and relaxation.

Come in a variety of sizes and scents.

Beeswax Wraps

$20 for 3

Cover your food with an all-natural alternative to plastic wrap. Can be washed and reused multiple times. 

Travel Kit

Lip Gloss


The Full Circle of Skin Conditioning™ Travel Kit includes 1oz tubes of Salt Smoothie®, Sweet Cheeks™, Mud Puddle® and Phenomen-all™.

Injabulo Numbing Cream


We think this is pretty self-explanatory...

Also available before a service for $5

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